Decisions: The Pursuit of Options

One of the most powerful things we can do is make a decision. With the ever growing landscape of technology choices, we are faced with making a decision on a frequent basis. While decision making is not something we view as a core activity of engineering, it is the one thing we are doing at all levels of our architectures. This type of activity not only deserves our focus, but should also be considered as part of our craft that we pursue with improvement.

This talk is a sequel to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Meetings, where we will pursue the craft of decision making. One of the most valuable products from meeting are decisions. In this talk, we walk through the important process of identifying what problem we are trying to solve and how we can make decisions that allow us to change. This will include common approaches of pattern matching of problems and understanding the boundary of both problem and solutions spaces. Furthermore, how we can learn from cognitive science on how our established pattern matching can limit our ability to see newer solutions. Finally, we will share an effective documentation approach of capturing the context around a decision, so the “why” is not lost in the choice, empowering you to always being capable to make a different decision as things change.

All attendees of this talk will receive a limited edition DevCon 2019 guide on decision making, which will include rare and never before seen illustrations by the speaker. The guidance included can be immediately applied, and can help improve the skills of all decision makers.