guidance in simple illustrations

Here are some of the guides I have built. These are intended to be concise so that they can be printed on a single page. I prefer to build these guides based on talks I have given, where they serve as basic set of notes that hopefully can further remind others of the content. Some of these are very simple, essentially just an image to help serve as a reminder of content.

Words Matter

Get the 8.5 x 11" PDF version with paper airplane pattern on the back

  • Architect Elevator: by Gregor Hohpe
  • The Idealcast - Episode 8: by Gene Kim with guest Michael Nygard on Architecture as the Organizing Logic for Components and the Means for their Construction.
  • Hacker Laws: Great inventory of commonly referenced laws, theories, and principles in software development.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Meetings - Virtual Edition

Get the 8.5 x 11" PDF version, which is the updated version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Meetings that includes newer content for virtual meetings.

Innovation Invigoration

Getting Started with Chaos Experiments

Get the 8.5 x 11" PDF version

This guide includes a second page, to convert the guide into a paper airplane.

Decisions: The Pursuit of Options

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Cultivating a Positive Team Culture

Get the 8.5x14" PDF version

Hitchiker’s Guide to Meetings

Get the 11x17" PDF version

Hitchiker’s Guide to Meetings - v2 updates

Some proposed updates to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Meetings, where logistical elements are included.