Navigating Change with Communities of Practice


Presentation was part of DevOps Enterprise Summit - Virtual 2022.


Change is something we must continually navigate. In a large organization, change can be further challenging based on the number of people that must have a shared understanding in this navigation. This can be complicated with organizational boundaries that can limit consistent horizontal communication, allowing costly variance or great ideas only surfacing within a smaller team or organizational boundary. We must improve how we stay connected. This should recognize that we cannot increase the cognitive load on our teams through excessive forms of communication. There must be a better way.

Communities of Practice can serve as a way to enable horizontal communication, creating a support network of knowledge when navigating change, and embraces the influence of Conway’s Law on our systems. At Oracle Cerner, we have been working through how we form and leverage Communities of Practice to bring together active practitioners across organizational groups to support each other as we work through change. In this talk, we will share lessons learned in this approach and valuable resources we discovered through our journey.

If you are a medium or large sized organization where it is challenging to navigate change consistently across all your teams, this talk is for you!