KCDC 2021 Recap

These last two days were KCDC in Kansas City for me. This was my first in-person developer conference since late 2019. While there were still restrictions (wearing masks), it was a fantastic time to see people again. I was able to meet up with past colleagues and discover new people at lunch and through talks, an experience that immediately filled a void in my life. While I have participated in other virtual conferences since the pandemic started, the in-person session was a great experience. Everyone I talked to also shared the same feedback.

Many thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and speakers for making it happen! This post will just include some of my notes that I captured which I thought were readable enough for sharing, and references for notes on my talk that I also shared.


I try my best to take notes throughout talks. Many times these notes help me remember and recall content, or bring forward a point that was made vocally, but maybe not obvious when seeing a slide.

Micro-Frontend Architecture

Talk by: Cory Gideon


Data Visualization

Talk by: David Giard @DavidGiard


A Look at the Apollo Guidance Computer

Talk by: Adam Barney


Your Internal Dev Platform S**cks!

Talk by: Alan Barr


Presentations, Storytelling, and How Not to Suck at it

Talk by: Ash Banaszek @ashbzak


Understanding How Your CPU Thinks

Talk by: Chris Gardner @freestylecoder


My Talk

While I attended talks, I was also a speaker on the topic of Docs as Code. As part of the talk, I created both a site to provide an example and resource, which you can find here.